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The Radical Post Blog: January 31st '17

The Radical Post is an Anarcho-Socialist Facebook page which features a wide variety of commentary from different politically oriented individuals started up by Nick Kappos of the Harsh Noise project Hex Phosphorus. We here at The Infidel Netwerk thought it'd be interesting to share some of the posts and thoughts from the news feed for your viewing pleasure.

Note: None of the views posted below are representation of the views of The Infidel Netwerk or it's members (other then possibly Nick's). This is purely for educational and entertainment purposes.

You can find the Facebook group at the following link, follow for the latest updates on all the postings:

From Fellow Worker S.O. on "On Treading Unfamiliar Ground"

"Folks: for those of us who've not lived through revolutionary moments, I'm sure this feels like the Twilight Zone entering an even DEEPER Twilight Zone. Take a deep breath, and look out for those closest to you, and trust yourselves. There's going to be a lot of unfamiliar doors and passages opening before you. Not all of them are good. Many are not. But there are no passages back the way we came, and the ground upon which you stand will not hold. You must therefore tread carefully but consciously forward."

Timmy Smart on "Finding a New Ideological Entity"

--- Self-evident logic (logic goes in the metaphysical bucket) If things are dysfunctional, it's because there are no people capable of bringing order to the dysfunction. All activism is presently below the threshold of power needed to prevent the disorder we see. --- Induction It follows therefore that to bring us over that threshold will take a new ideological entity. We can look to existing activist subcultures for new ideological narratives, or to a new political entity for new ideology. --- Axiom: Energy that flows through an entity tends to organize and stabilize that entity. An entity in case could be a political subculture, or ideological narratives within activism. Examples would be political demographics. ex: 3rd wave, radfem, BLM, liberal, progressive, socialist, anarchist etc. Any one of those ideological entities is dependent on the energy flowing through it.

We see the mainstream is where all the energy is. It has informational power via the system of law and the media. If we look at activism in a broad sense as a single whole, it's a competing entity. Activism competes for informational power with the mainstream. At this point it seems we are not capable of preventing dysfunction because we lack the informational power needed to do so. That's a solid conclusion for me, and therefore a priority. I believe I know what to look for in a change of narrative, what priorities to think about. (this niche). We need a new entity focused on adding order to the socio-political paradigm, both of the working-class and the activism that brings the message to them. It makes no sense for me to get stressed out at the dysfunction, of course that’s hard to avoid at this point, but I feel that until there’s a narrative that functions to raise the level effective dialog towards a clear vision of how to foster a positive evolution of the culture, I don’t expect positive change. It looks like we’re in for some nasty times, and also that people are out of ideas. It doesn’t make sense for me to get stressed out day after day at every unfortunate event. It makes sense to me to keep poking away at the root issue, which is informational power. We need an entity capable of reaching and decolonizing the working-class and at the same time fostering effective unity-building and organization. If you watch the news, you’ll get excited every five minutes, but millions of people doing that day after day, and it isn't helping. There needs to be a new sort of narrative in activism. One that is purely forward thinking and creative.

Michael Hsu on "The Muslim Ban"

The Establishment wants us focused on the Muslim ban because it focuses our energies on what does not matter to them. The US has absolute no interest in protecting us from terrorism because they fund and orchestrate terrorism around the world for oil, instilling fear, and destroying nations to weaken them and make them subservient to the New World Order.

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