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Fresh Trax!: Hart Goetze - Stellar Embrace

Sometimes you come across some of your past work that hasn't been heard in awhile. Well that happened to Hart the other day when he stumbled across an old CD that he had stashed away in his collection. Once he started to hear the songs he thought some of them were too good not to post. So this one is a teaser, and there will be more tracks from this project posted on a playlist.


TONY ZOLORYCKI (a.k.a. BARNY VANKIRK) on main vocals and guitars.

HART GOETZE on vocals & the Roland programed and manual tap drums

Added guests RODGER LITJENS (keyboards)and KAREN SOPROVICH (lyrics) *circa 2004

Listen to the track on his official Soundcloud:

You can follow Hart on his official Reverbnation to get a wider collective of his available tracks he's played on:

And follow Hart on his new Soundcloud to catch free streaming of all his newly remastered tracks from the extensive archive:

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