The Radical Post Blog: January 23rd '17

Nick Kappos of the Harsh Noise project Hex Phosphorus has started up an Anarcho-Socialist Facebook page which features a wide variety of commentary from different politically oriented individuals. We here at The Infidel Netwerk thought it'd be interesting to share some of the posts and thoughts from the news feed for your viewing pleasure.

Note: None of the views posted below are representation of the views of The Infidel Netwerk or it's members (other then possibly Nick's). This is purely for educational and entertainment purposes.

You can find the Facebook group at the following link, follow for the latest updates on all the postings:

Nick Kappos on "Using Education Against Oppression

The point is not to feel guilty about what you are, but to realize the poor and oppressed have more common interests with each other than we will ever have with the ruling class and those in power.

The point is not to be meek, ashamed, or disempowered, but to become more powerful with a stronger alliance and a larger movement.

By acknowledging the oppression of others, by educating ourselves so that we can be less of an asshole, by assisting others in their struggle without defining it for them or telling them how to run it, that is how we will have a larger and more powerful movement that fights for all of the oppressed all at once.

When you get fooled into thinking that those who are even more oppressed than yourselves are the ones who are oppressing you....You become the barrier standing in the way of your own liberation by siding with the ones who are oppressing you against those who are oppressed even worse.

Nyah Wynne on The Intricacies Non-Violence

For those who have viewed the kid decking the Neo-Nazi and are busy scolding him, talking of free speech and preaching about Non-Violence, STOP. Go back and actually read MLK, read about how non-violence actually Works.

​​It might be a bit subtle, but there's a pretty solid theme. MLK was asked repeatedly to repudiate the violence of other activists of the cause. It was a near constant demand upon him that he distance himself from the violence of rioters and Black Nationalists that threatened violent acts. And he refused. Always. Universally.

MLK advocated non-violence, but he also spoke frequently of understanding for and solidarity with those who used violence to seek justice. And there is good reason for this: If not for that violence, MLK could have done nothing. He never would have even been noticed, just another preacher yapping about rights, easy enough to ignore.

It was the threat of violent revolt that catapulted MLK to the spotlight. It was the -reality- of violent revolt that gave rise to the prominence of Gandhi. They were velvet gloves on iron fists. Their call for non-violence was only sensationalized because it was the moderate option. The call for peace -during war-.

​​Ostensible allies of the oppressed calling for peace when there is already an unjust peace do not make change. In fact they actively reinforce injustice. When you turn on your fellow activist who is using more forceful methods than you, you are doing the work of the oppressor. You are helping to enforce the unjust peace. That peace has to be broken before a new peace treaty can be made.