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Infidel Studio One Blog: Episode 1 - January 22nd 17'

This last week has been a fun one. Actually the last two weeks have been pretty damn awesome. I told myself that in 2017 there was gonna be a fresh start. No drama, only good company, and great tunes being made all the time. I promised myself that I was gonna be healthy, organized, and dedicated, and that I would keep it all balanced to my wants and needs. And so far I feel I've done pretty good circumstances considering.

I've managed to create awesome beats almost every single day. I've had engaging conversations, and collaborations, with new people every day. I've had good connective family time every day. And I've had time to my self to enjoy and reflect. It's lead to me feeling good, and it's lead to me being productive. Efficient and happy? I think I've found my secret.

So what have I been working on?

Well me and a fiend who goes by the name of UltraLhtBoi have been collaborating over the last eight or so months working away on an album, and damn this beast is almost ready to cook in the oven. We got 16 tracks pretty much done, with only a few minor edits to do before final mixing and mastering. It's been a laborous process with endless edits, revisions, and restructurings, all in an attempt to create the most authentic, original, but enjoyable music that we can offer. And it truly has come out in an undeniably unique sound, one that I can tell you that you've never heard before. I really can't wait to show you our madness.

What's been my role? Well how things go is usually LhtBoi comes in with some inspiration and lyrics, and then we will basically together write an entire beat, usually starting with the drums and bass and working our way down, creating melodies, variations, effects, etc as we go through. Then at the end Jesse will free form lay down his lyrics to whatever creation we have mustered up for it's worth. Then after that we will go through the track relentlessly creating variations, fills, vocal chops, and then sometimes even restructuring the entire track. It can be as I said a very intensive process, but it's all worth it as the level of detail we put in you won't hear in a lot of modern music, electronic, rock, or hip-hop.

Sometimes however there's been a few tracks that I've already pre-written for my KVLT-KRFT Productions beat creating service. Some of them really stuck out in LhtBoi's head and I guess the fancy led him to just straight out lay down his lyrics as is on my beats without to much variation. But that was only for a few tracks, most of the tracks were full on collaborations from beginning to end between the two of us. A really enjoyable, and personally musically evolving, journey. Really looking forward to laying out music videos for 5 or so singles that we plan on releasing. That's where the real work's gonna be! Making music is fun and easy, but polishing it and developing an image for it is where things can be tricky. But fun in it's own right if we put our minds to it.

Follow UltraLhtBoi on his official Twitter to get into his twisted mind:

Got some other stuff I've been working on but I'll save that for the next post in a couple of days!

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