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Infidel Media Update - Jan 22nd 17'

Machines on Blast have an epic opportunity for all you Industrial Metal enthusiasts are are currently having a remix contest to get featured on their upcoming remix album. Looks like Infidel member King Tormentor is full in action slaying on his current attempt at a remix. Super looking forward to the remix album, and to hopefully hearing King Tormentor's remix!

You can download King Tormentor's music on iTunes:

You can catch King Tormentor on his official Facebook:

Catch Machines On Blast's music on their official Bandcamp:

And for the latest updates follow Machines on Blast on their official Facebook:

Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly have been slowly leaking out teasers of their upcoming album. Gonna be extraordinarily huge from what I can gather from the teasers. You can find their most recent teaser, and their previous teasers (there's a bunch of them), for their new release on their official YouTube:

Follow Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly on their official Facebook:

Download their music on their official Bandcamp:

Big Joe Daddy has topped the 1000 Facebook fan mark, and wants to thank you all for his support. Expect some new content sooner then later!

Check out his previous work on Bandcamp:

For the latest information on Big Joe Daddy follow him on his official Facebook:

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