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Fresh Trax!: Hart Goetze - Tell The Whole Truth

Created through a night of experimentation, intoxication, and creative flare, Pete Curly, Hart Goetze, and Benny Profaine Jr managed to create this unique and progressive stoner jam. Featuring some of the most psychedelic and jazzy music Hart has released so far, this track is a must have for any long time fans of Hart's music, or any classic stoner rock enthusiast in general.


HARTBEAT (drums, backup vocals) PETE CURLY(lyrics, bass, lead vocal)


Listen to the track on his official Soundcloud:

You can follow Hart on his official Reverbnation to get a wider collective of his available tracks he's played on:

And follow Hart on his new Soundcloud to catch free streaming of all his newly remastered tracks from the extensive archive:

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