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Fresh Trax!: Hart Goetze - What I'd Do

Hart Goetze continues with his excellent collection of progressive rock audio tracks recorded in his heydays, and laid in the archive until now. Straight from the mouth of the man himself, here's a description for this catchy little dandy, "This is another track from the Kanaktis Band. This song is live off the floor at the studio. A great pop song with strong vocals and out front rhythm guitar by Marvin. At this stage we had a different bass player, and our front end vocalist DAWN JESSE had decide to let the boys record one. Certainly some seductive lyrics and a strong steady drum and bass run to compliment it all. KANAKTIS is; MARV JESSE(lyrics, vocal, guitar) HARTBEAT(drums) REGGEA(bass) *Circa 2000"

Listen to the track on his official Soundcloud:

You can follow Hart on his official Reverbnation to get a wider collective of his available tracks he's played on:

And follow Hart on his new Soundcloud to catch free streaming of all his newly remastered tracks from the extensive archive:

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