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Evan Mitchell from Machines On Blast & K. P. Riot Brigade Will Be On Erosion Factory Radio Show

On the January 18th 2017 as part of the Erosion Factory web show, they will be talking with Evan Mitchell from Machines on Blast and K.P. Riot Brigade about Machines on Blast's future plans, including their remix contest from their album "The Tin Man Empire" that YOU can be a part of!

First up on the show though is Vessel, the man behind the group known as Genius of Nefarious, and they discuss the groups theatrics of their stage show, the release of their upcoming album "Born A Vessel" and love for Ouija Boards. There will also be chats with:

"In Onyx Music Moment; The Damsel of Darkness will bring you this week's album releases, concerts of note and complied music news that you more than likely can't get anywhere else. She will also give you what you really want, this week's SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! In Run The Gauntlet with Tim Royce; the guru of entertainment will bring you, the Video Game and Comic Book releases for this week. This weekend's Movie releases (with our patented movie rating system) and Con’s going on around the world, and of course, what’s on Television this week. Great Music form Indie artists around the world and fun, fun and more fun. So, join us won't you; 3pm pst, only on Beyond The Dawn Radio!"

Their official Facebook of Machines On Blast can be found here, so make sure to follow for all the latest information on the project:

Listen to and download their releases on their official Bandcamp:

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