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Hart Goetze Posts Songs From "It's My Turn Now" Previously Unreleased Solo Collection

When Hart Goetze was between bands, he decided to see if he could do something on his own. So he took some time and did the best with what he had, and knew at the time. He strove towards having diverse vocals and melodies throughout the album, and sure hit the mark on some of the songs. All of the songs were programmed, recorded and producing by himself, with a programmable midi keyboard, a Fostex mixing board & eight track reel recorder. All vocals and instrument tracks are were a product of Hart's unique brand of energetic creativity.

This release remained unreleased until now, however with the powers of modern internet distribution this album will finally become available to the masses. Right now only a few tracks from the sessions are posted, but more tracks will be posted as time goes on, so check back to see as the playlist expands. Hopefully when everything has been remastered eventually everything will be compiled onto Bandcamp, where it can be purchased and downloaded in the near future.

Listen to the tracks on his official Soundcloud:

You can follow Hart on his official Reverbnation to get a wider collective of his available tracks he's played on:

And follow Hart on his new Soundcloud, his newest method for him to share new tracks:

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