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New Album!: K. P. Riot Brigade - Self Titled

K. P. Riot Brigade, an industrial metal supergroup featuring Dana James [K.P. Riot Brigade], or very own Evan Mitchell [Machines on Blast], Riggs [Scum of the Earth, Rob Zombie], Jared Louche [Chemlab], Sin Quirin [Ministry, Revolting Cocks], Jacqueline van Bierk [Otto's Daughter], Aaron Rossi [Ministry, John 5], Mandi Martyr [Yoshiki, Ministry], Marc Olivier [Prude, Chemlab], Ketil Eggum [Gothminister, Red Harvest], , Jim Robbins [Otto's Daughter], Cesar Soto [Ministry], and more, have finally released their debut album.

Brutal, experimental, and making full use of the exhaustive talent, this filthy album perfectly captures the anguished nature of our times, and presents it in a engaging sonic journey, that delivers with a perfect balance of aggression, technicality, groove, and melody. Don't miss this exciting release, perfectly timed to get us pumped up and ready for 2017, which is looking like it's going to be another banger year for Industrial music.

You can find the album on...

If you're not already, follow K. P. Riot Brigade on their official Facebook for up to date info on the project:

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