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Psychedelic 80's Inspired Short Movie, BLOOD MACHINES Could Get Turned Into A Feature Film, And

A female ghost challenges two space hunters into a galactic chase... A live action space opera by SETH ICKERMAN & CARPENTER BRUT. The BLOOD MACHINES Kickstarter campaign has managed to hit it's target of 75K, and with that announcement comes something even more spectacular. The amazing video series has garnered such a positive response that they have decided to put out the stretch goal of turning it into a feature length movie. With the seemingly HUGE stretch goal of 666K, only YOU the fans can make it happen. Come on over to the Kickstarter page to see the concept art, as well as the potential benefits from backing this wonderful projects.

For those of you unfamiliar, BLOOD MACHINES is a 30-minutes science-fiction short film written and directed by Seth Ickerman, scored by the synthwave artist Carpenter Brut which takes inspiration from the spirit of the 80's films and music. BLOOD MACHINES is the sequel of the music video TURBO KILLER, their first collaboration.

Here's an excellent description of the themes and concepts explored in this visionary project:

"As we experience the ever-growing interdependence between man and machine, our connection to machines is increasingly filled with emotions. With the development of artificial intelligence, machines can now have complex behavior. Some people imagine that machines have a conscience and the more spiritual will believe they have a soul. BLOOD MACHINES will deal with this universal theme. Even though these questions have been treated many times before, they are now more relevant than ever."

Follow and donate to the Kickstarter to make this dream become a reality:

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