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Fresh Trax! : Signal Operator - The Black Field (Psychological Version)

Signal Operator has participated in the recent Side-Line sponsored compilation album Face The Beat: Session 4. One of 90 tracks, this never before heard banger mixes the best of EBM, Industrial, and Electro into an awesome and agressive banger that is not to be missed. Get this track, and 90 more from the best in Industrial, on the compilation which can be found and downloaded on the official Side-line Bandcamp:

The album is by pay your own price (including free for those who just wanna appreciate the music), but all money made is being donated to a fund to build a sanitary installation for a public hospital based in the Mexican state of Veracruz. It's a noble goal, so if you have a lil spare money, think about donating!

Follow Signal Operator on his official Facebook to check out his latest activities:

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