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Review: God In The Cone - The Sex Is Fear

I love it when you come across a musical project that isn't afraid to push sonic boundaries, and fuse different styles into unique and visionary forms of expression. God In The Cone, a Greek Industrial Gothic Rock project, is definitily one of those acts.

Their second album, "The Sex Is Fear" fuses mystical and middle eastern atmospheres with deep and resonant electro synthesizer played bass and lead sounds, gothic rock and metal infused bass and guitar, and powerful baritone vocals that easily switch between more traditional singing, an alternative rock snarl, or a metallic howl depending on what each particular song caters for. When it all comes together it fuseses flawlessly into a particularly unique combination of sounds which make for a really interesting and engaging release.

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And boy, does each song offer something different. Each one on this 7 track album stands out on it's own, making the whole release more of a sonic collage tied together predominantly through the vocalists strong performances. With each subsequent play you find yourself more enveloped, taken back, by the different pathway that each sonic journey seems to go down.

Just when you think you've figured out the musical theme behind the release, the band will surprise you. Moving from 80's inspired ballads, to more dancefloor friendly futurepop bangers, back to glitched out and percussive electro-industrial songs, and then to intense gothic metal inspired thrashers. It's really a diverse release, strongly tied together by the vocalists consistent performances.

I don't know if it's just me, but as I'm listening to the album I totally get a traveling vibe all the way throughout. The release has an interesting mixture of aggressive angst that is balanced out by a more meandering melodic side. This dichotomy creates a sort of "car ride on a desert highway" vibe to the whole release. It feels as if it's continually going somewhere. Where to? Obviously the next great track.

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The only thing that is a bit disappointing is when you finally get to the destination, the end of the album. The journey's over? So soon! The album could have dealt with a couple more tracks, maybe getting back to the metallic tones touched on a couple of the tracks on the album. Having such a diverse release, yet such a short track length, always leaves the listener wanting more of the many things that the album has to offer. However, if this project continues pumping out great material, this may work to their advantage.

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