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Review: thagodzombie - Appetite For Concussions

thagodzombie truly is a perfect moniker for this strange and entertaining character created by dynamic lyricist Aaron Crouse. A mixture of tongue and cheek humor, political and social commentary, and macabre ghetto horror imagery all delivered through an intense aggressive delivery, he has set himself apart from his regulars rappers. Taking the horrorcore sound and adding a bit of refined maturity to it (well, maybe maturity isn't the word... but let's just say there's a particular level of wit and skill that oozes from this MCs destructive syllable), this ain't no kid horror shit. thagodzombie weaves a complex series of references, mining from multimedia, the trenches of the horrors of our world around us, and naturally his own sick imagination, merging it all into a thick collage of disturbing yet fascinating contrasting imagery.

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Despite the aggression, and speed, present in his delivery, and the slight element of delay, reverb, and possibly even distortion that is applied to his vocals (which works quite well to add to the overall gritty and sometimes terrifying nature of this release) thagodzombie comes across as immensely clear in his delivery. Clarity is always a difficult thing when your working in independent studios, with amateur artists, so to get the level of focus and audibility in this release is a real boon. This release puts the vocalist first and foremost, almost to the detriment from time to time to the clarity of the beats, but with the entertaining lyrics you really don't mind that much.

Overall this album is a immensely entertaining release from front to back. The strange beat choices used throughout the release add to a very mysterious atmosphere, making his vehement delivery and esoteric lyrics that much more efficacious. Many of the songs contain a story like quality bringing the listener on a journey with this odd ball MC, one that you must be willing to take a few twists and turns to enjoy. If one wants to take a trip into the darker side of rap, and doesn't wanna get bogged down with clowns or unintelligible violence, this is definitily an excellent release to begin with. This release, and the content and clarity within, is a great standout alternative to what you will typically find coming from the other prominent members of the "horrorcore" scene.

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