Subliminal Code: Infidel Interview #59

First I just want to thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews. With this interview let's just start with a bit about yourself. Where are you from, how old are you, and how long have you been making music for?

Thank you for this interview . Well my twin brother and I are from Caracas Venezuela, and we are 27 years old. In fact, we had always had a goal to have our own band, and we started in the world of music from an early age. Subliminal Code was a project that started from 2011 on the occasion of doing something different than what we had previously worked on.

When you first started making music, was there a particular sound or artistic/musical influence that you would say was your biggest inspiration to start pursuing the creative path yourself?

In fact, all my life I liked the music world, but many limit themselves to choose to not work on it. In my composition process I try not to be influenced by other bands. I want to achieve something different and innovative.

Are there any bands that you would say are your "core" or "prime" inspirations when making music?

We like many bands of different genres, we don't anything preferred bands except specific songs that go to our current mood.

Are there any new bands, or styles of music, that you are currently exploring that may possibly be evolving your sound?

Everything in life has to evolve, we see it in all creatures or species. The music also tends to evolve. The safest thing to say is that our music also tends to evolve over the years.

What would you say are your favorite themes and topics to write about? What draws you to those themes?

Everyday things and things that we experience in life. In particular I do not have a favorite topic to write. The topics I write remind me of experiences. Are there any particular instruments, programs, or effects that you would say are vital to you making music? If so, is there a reason in particular that draws you to said creative outlet?

The bass because it gives body to the songs.

Do you ever find it difficult to balance the creative and technical aspects of musical creation?

There has been difficulties in balancing both aspects.

How do you strike the balance for the need to craft and tweak your effects and sounds, in contrast to actually just getting the song itself created with structure and melody?

The realization or modification of my effects depends on the need of each particular song.