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Fresh Trax! : Jenova Project - That's The Spirit Kid

Victory ain't always an easy path. On your journey to your greater destiny many obstacles will be confronted. No transition can be complete without a physical change in living. Often this takes the form in the loss of what you previously called home. However, loss is just the foundations for change, and the start of a new beginning. Embrace change, and find your new start.

This is a remastered single from my upcoming album Death Of An Angel, which is going to be released through my independent music collective The Infidel Netwerk. Featuring music recorded between 2010-2011, this album is the third and final album in the Shadowalker trilogy, a series of albums I wrote between 2007-2011.

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The stakes keep getting higher, At this rate we're just gonna expire, We've played this game for far to long, Now we'll know just how fucking strong, We gotta be to stand for an eternity, I know this wasn't supposed to be our destiny, The same mistakes for all us to see, We just keep repeating our history, If we keep going at this rapid pace, We'll all fall to the rat race, If we don't understand the future to come, But we'll pay when all is said and done.

This is a deadly path we chose, In the name of consumer brand clothes, We are all slaves to our own desire, In our attempt to bring ourselves higher.

Can't stop feeling, can't stop breathing, Cause we're all just human! Can't stop lovin', can't stop cryin', Cause we're all just human!

Look at your life, it's so grand, Is that what they tell you? They keep you locked in place, Do you even know what's true? We've been given all the lies, By the the darkness in disguise, But now we must stand and unite, For freedom we'll take the fight! So fuck the rest and join the crowd, Everyone make noise be loud!

We'll take to the streets with our cries, Time for the master's to take down the lies! The cost we must already know, For the effects are are beginning to show, We will go out with freedom and glory, They'll be telling our story! This is the path that we have chosen.

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

The artwork was created by Bailee F. You can find her diverse portfolio here:

You can check out Matt's other project's Transhumanist at: Izkrist at: Dirty Lint: M-Fap at: Matt & Colin at: OurTrees at: Death Machine at:

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