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Fresh Trax! : Big M.I.C. - Madness Inside (Prod. Sandrobeats)

Big M.I.C.​ is a Canadian hip-hop, centered out of Langley, British Columbia. He has been active in the music scene for over a decade, however his newest music has an element of refinement and quality to it that we would argue makes this his best material yet.

Coming back with his second 4-track EP, to be released in conjunction with The Infidel Netwerk, a full release is to set to be in November, however in the meantime we have for you the first offering from the album. The all attack, off the rockers, emotional delivery presented on "Madness Inside" shows this wild MC at both his best and most intense. Don't miss this single, or the album which is going to be coming out November 4th.

Lyrics and Vocal Delivery by Mike "Big M.I.C." Rube

Instrumental produced by Sandrobeats

Follow the Big M.I.C. on his official Facebook:

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