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Modular Reaper Imager Announces New Album "Inhale Death"

Modular Reaper Imager has expanded it's horizons and set for an ambitious release, a 10 track album is coming before the end of the year! With a planned goal of 10 tracks by November, this is probably going to be one of the most intense electro-industrial albums of the year. Invoking claustrophobic synthetic atmospheric, and pummeling the audience with aggressive distorted percussion, this release is certainly not for the light of heart. However, for those who enjoy a bit of edge in their music, check out the revised and updated with vocals album version of his track Murder Claw, as well as a minute long preview of one of the new tracks, on his YouTube below.

If you want to check Modular Reaper Imager out further, we did an interview with him earlier in the year, which can be found here:!Modular-Reaper-Imager-Infidel-Interview-12/clpz/56d124c30cf29064e5f40ec2

And you can check him out on his Bandcamp:


and Soundcloud:

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