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Music Video: The Rose Phantom - False Alarm (Love Is Not A Game)

Check out the new promotional video for The Rose Phantom's new song "False Alarm (Love Is Not A Game)" from their upcoming Wicked Flowers EP.

Smooth and sexy saxophone, washed out ethereal guitars, reverb drenched old school drum beats, and enough emotional energy to keep this song fresh as it can be in the post-punk music scene. Combining the best elements of many popular gothic inspired musical genres, and featuring impeccable recording quality while doing so, The Rose Phantom is returning with his most dynamic sound yet.

Pre-order Wicked Flowers at his official Bandcamp:

Follow The Rose Phantom on his official Facebook for up to date information regarding the project:

Song Credits: Engineered, Produced & Mixed by: The Rose Phantom

Mastered by: Aidan Foley at Masterlabs

Video Credits: Directed & Edited by: The Rose Phantom Additional Cinematography by: Purgatory Pete

© Rose Phantom Films 2016

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