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Music Video: Velvet Kills - Red Shoes

"#DrunkOnMusic are proud to introduce you to ‘Red Shoes’ by unsigned electro/punk/dark wave act ‘Velvet Kills’.

The track is taken from their recent ‘Memory’ EP released on iTunes and on digital downloads in March 2016.

A band that hopes to tour the UK in 2017, we hope they do. Its a hypnotic trance of electro, a new wave of gothic, and an almost sinister cynical edge of dark.The duo that dress to impress, a certain punk ethos is prevalent in this track. We love VELVET KILLS.we are definitely.. drunk on music."

Providing to be one of their smoothest and sexiest tracks, a perfect video to get a music video to. Find yourself seduced by the lovely Susana Santos, who will soothe your ears with her beautiful voice, contrasting perfectly to the interesting collage of epicly played symphonic strings, old-school electronica infused synthesizer arpeggios, and their traditional washed out melodic guitar chords. Matched with an equally mesmerizing filter saturated performance based music video, this track truly captures the etheral nature of this continually evolving project.

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