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New Album: Elvis Einstein - Future Neverwas

A perfect blend between electronic and organic, intensity and melody, this Canadian artist Elvis Einstein has released by far his strongest album to date. Picking up where he left on previous releases, and pressing forward with his unique brand of industrial shock rock music, he definitely has released the most polished endeavor in this style of music.

Filled to the brim with thick and heavy, warm and crunchy distortion, backed with gleaming and glistening synthetic tones, and perfectly topped off with a half-snarled half-crooned thematically oriented vocals, this release manages to be filled with energy and emotion all the way throughout. Even the slower songs really manage to have an edge to them, keeping this release definitely for fans of hard music with a melodic edge.

Fixing one the only real issue I had with previous Einstein releases, the mixing on this album is spectacular, comparing to any of his contemporaries, and rivaling many of the classic releases in the sense that it manages to have a great degree of clarity without suppressing any of the intensity of the music.

If you like bands like KMFDM, Deathstars, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson this feast of wit, puns, and goth schlock will certainly satisfy you. Though the lyrics really pretty heavily on the “genre” source for inspiration, the consistently overall works for the album. And the diversity in the sound and production choices throughout the album make the repetitive lyrical theme a sort of cohesive glue for the album.

It will be really interesting to see where Einstein goes after this, now that he has successfully captured what I would to consider to be his best produced attempt at a sound he’s been attacking at for a while. Now that he has an album that is truly enjoyable on an emotional and technical level, will he continue the path he has well treaded, or will he expand his wings and experiment?

This release is truly enjoyable and delivers a full package. If you're a traditional album listener you will be happy to know there are 16 full length tracks on the album, with many of them cranking over the 4 minute mark. A hefty listen, but one worthy of your enjoyment, making a perfect soundtrack to a late night grunge, goth or stoner oriented party.

Check out Elvis Einstein on his official Facebook:

And either download the album or purchase the CD on his official Bandcamp:

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