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Fresh Beat!: Still Haunted by Databyte Productions

Databyte Productions has released his first beat for public consumption. For hip-hop, trap, and EDM enthusiasts, this track will work great for any vocalist or MC looking to make a smooth downtempo laden hip-hop or pop track.

You can purchase the track in a lease format for $10, or it can be purchased as an exclusive for $50. A leased beat/instrumental can only be used for non-commercial mixtapes and promotional purposes (no-charge), while an exclusive license buys the beat rights to become exclusive to you (pulling it off the beat store making it unavailable to others) for whatever purposes you desire. We also have a deal where you can purchase 3 leased beats for $25, or 3 exclusives for $125, which is $5 and $75 savings respectively. So if you're interested check out all of our many beats in our full store:

Email us to set up payment and purchase:

We also offer the services of instrumental additions, new sections, structural changes, and mixing tweaks can be made to the song, and we also offer mastering services that can be done for you after you finish your vocal recording, however these would be at an additional cost and have to be discussed on an individual basis, with more details that can be discussed upon contacting us.

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