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Music Video: Elvis Einstein - Everything Looks Alive

From Elvis Einstein's upcoming fifth album "Future Neverwas", available August 19/2016, on

Filmed, directed, and edited by Elvis Einstein.

Lyrics- Strip me down until there's nothing left but bones. You're just a fool who doesn't know what I'm made of. Is your Ambition really worth so much more than mine? You play the master but you're really forsaken. Throw me in the pit, and call it punishment, but you don't know exactly where I've been. In the absence of hope, is the world that I thrive. In the darkest hole, everything is alive.

Everything looks alive in the dark Everything looks alive

A suit of misery is my uniform. All you are is just another stitch.

You think your brave you've crossed the river. But you can't go back when you burn the bridge. You couldn't stomach a spoon full of my world. are you so sure that you want to break bread with me. Without your title, I know that you're fragile. Your darkest Nightmares are my sweetest dreams.

Everything looks alive in the dark. Everything looks alive.

You'll Pay for underestimating.... For all of your day's are forsaken....

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