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SML8: Infidel Interview #47

Would you say that your choice to pursue music has changed your life since you started?

"Making music is an outlet that lets you explore yourself; its healing, but it also puts you on the border of insanity and obsession. Sometimes its very rewarding, and sometimes its the noose around your neck. Everyone in the band is affected in a different way by our music, it has had positive and negative impacts on all of us" - Adrienne

Would you say that creativity has evolved you spiritually, emotionally, or logically?

"creativity in reality is more about handling things not going as planned," - Mason

"and being working musicians this is really where you can test your talents." - Adrienne

What are some of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in your musical career?

"The industry seems to have been in a downward spiral that has made little room for the creators to expand physically out of their regional borders without the help of financial backers. However, this unsustainable model is running its course, and the artists that have stuck with it and kept producing music are going to really see the industry grow in positive way that really connects the artist with their listener, and that connection is what is going to be the backbone of some really great things. So the outlook is positive, but it takes a lot of sacrifice and a lot of work" - Adrienne

What sort of unusual or strange music and art influenced you growing up and helped encourage you to peruse what might be called "alternative electronic music"? Are there any experimental artists/bands out there that you would say struck you with the chord that inspired you to peruse your current path of musical aspirations? What does your band name mean or where did it come from?

"Every member enjoys different music and has their own influences, so no few bands can be set as a reference. We love metal. We love electronic. We love classical. We love passion." - Scott

"SML8 = assimilate, whether we are in the studio or on stage the music unifies, and we want our listeners to feel that way too, that they are part of this." - Adrienne

You have a new album coming out this year. How would you say your new albums is different then your previous work? How has your sound and band dynamic evolved since your first outing? What do you see in the future for your creative output?

"For our new work, I would say that we have evolved by working with a great producer for our music, Matt Johnson. He has helped all of our ideas come to life and helped shape our musical dreams. Weve expanded as musicians and have worked on different musical styles. If an artist isn't evolving, then they are stuck." - Scott

You recently played a show with God Module. What was the experience like playing with such high profile artists? How did you find the audience reacted to your music? Do you think it was a profile building experience?

"Opening for nationally renowned acts is always a treat because we are able to show our music to people who might not otherwise see us. We have had great opportunities opening for many national acts within the past few years. While it's always a profile building experience, it it quite enjoyable to us as musicians to share the stage with so many bands that we have listened to for years. To play alongside with some of your favorite musicians is an experience that we all truly cherish" - Scott

Your music fuses hard hitting industrial with thick metal inspired guitars, and drums that cross a fusion between the two. Do you find it difficult to balance the electronic and more organic elements such as guitar and vocals? Or do you find that their is a natural synergy between the different elements?

"There's never a worry of balance between the genres. Some songs turn out one way, while others are completely opposite. It has always been a point with this project to never set an "exact sound" so that everything we do we can have complete musical freedom towards. Granted, we haven't released any "country-western" songs yet.. but we like to leave options open. Anything can happen, and that's the beauty and joy of creating music." - Scott

Do you spend a lot of time crafting your own sounds? Or do you value song crafting and effects tweaking more? Or do you find it's a balance between the two? What's your relationships with presets?

We make our own sounds, "I hate listening to a track and being able to identify synthesizer presets, kick drums, or loops." Presets can be a good place to start, but in the end if you're putting out recordings with presets you're being lazy and disingenuous to your audience" - Mason

When you are writing and recording vocals is their a lot of collaboration on vocal lines and lyrics, or do you each bring your own things to do the table and attempt to mix them after?

"With two vocalists in the band, there is definitely a collaborative effort for the vocals. However, we split up songs. For some, Adrienne will write and perform the entire song, For others, I will. We each express and therapy through our songs, and for some we combine. It has always been a collaborative effort where we meet and work through our lyrics together to portray through our music" - Scott

Is collaboration something that is actively important to you? Do you have any individuals you are particularly successful, or unsuccessful, in collaboration with? Has there been any collaborative based songs that you would say stand out to you? Do you find collaboration changes the way you approach music, or evolves you as a musician? Or is it more just a platform to gain exposure?

"Collaborating with musicians has in no way ever been a form for us to gain exposure. In any collab we've done its been a way to gain experience and grow musically. Within SML8 we are all active in different projects and I personally will never hold anyone from that, as I want us all to grow as musicians and experience and learn as much as we all can as individuals." - Scott

What was it like organizing a remix album? Did you find artists were approaching you or were you finding artists you specifically wanted to do the album? Was it a mixture of the two? What are some of your particular favorite remixes that have been done of your music, and why?

"Putting together a remix album was quite chaotic. For "Incept" we wanted to do a mixture of new songs and reworked songs and although we appreciate all the people involved, another artist's interpretation of your music is indeed just that. We had artists approaching us and then us approaching artists. I highly enjoyed the remixes done by Die Sektor and Army of the Universe. Both friends of ours that contributed to the album and great people." - Scott

"it's like learning to hate yourself all over again and question whether music is really an important career choice. " - Mason

Playing live shows, recording new tracks, attempting to go live the life that gives you the experiences that inspires it all... it can be difficult to balance the time. Do you have any particular methods that you use to keep yourself focused or balanced in your direction?

"learning to do everything last minute is the most valuable skill you can have in this industry." - Mason

"I keep finding myself starting new projects and putting more work on my plate but everything but writing keeps me balanced, if I don't write I can't sleep or do much of anything else" - Adrienne

What sort of influences outside of your primary artistic expression help move or guide your artistic expression? I've often heard from musicians that their mundane jobs or family lives often provide a unexpected platform for inspiration.

"Working multiple jobs and not allowing free time, this is what has brought out a more refined ability to create. In between the multiple occupations I tend to skateboard, I have been off and on for 18 years of my life. It is my therapy, allowing me to distance myself from work and the erratic situations we all experience in our daily torment." - Jace

"Most of my writing comes from my own internal conflicts, but my muse also give me the inspiration I need to pull those feelings out of myself. Whether I am at my worst or my best, he keeps me writing, he keeps me working." -Adrienne

"Life and experiences guide me. I try to live my life as fully as possible."- Scott

"i like to watch those Sarah McLaughlin commercials because they make me feel like shit. i then take that shitty feeling and try to make other people feel shitty too, but in a dancy sort of way." - Mason

Thank you so much for participating in this episode of Infidel Interview. Any parting words for your fans, or my audience?

Resistance is futile!!

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