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Fresh Trax! : Big M.I.C. - My Passion (Produced by Makemdef)

BIG M.I.C.​ is a Canadian hip-hop, centered out of Langley, British Columbia. He has been active in the music scene for over a decade, with his most major releases coming out only recently. His previous release, mixed and mastered by StrayOne Productions, featured some of his most authentic lyrics to date, delivered over beats from some of the biggest producers in the underground.

Now returning for you with another 4-track EP, this timerecording, mixing and mastering duties being tackled by Matt "theProphet" Smith in The Infidel Netwerk Studio1.

Surpassing his previously held high bar of quality, authenticity, and hardcore delivery, he comes at it again with lyrics that don't just talk about the usual gangster bullshit of drugs, hoes, and partying, but actually delve into the inner mind and life of a hard worker, family man, and lyrical craftsman.

The first track released from his new EP is entitled My Passion, and can be found in listening format on both YouTube and ReverbNation. The full album will be available for purchase/download on Canada Day / July 1st. It will be available through all the mainstream methods of distribution.

Lyrics and Vocal Delivery by Mike "Big M.I.C." Rube

Instrumental produced by Brent Baldwin Vocals, additional instrumentation, mixing, and mastering, as well as digital artwork manipulation done by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Follow the Big M.I.C. on his official Facebook:

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