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New Beat Store & Custom Instrumentals!

Based out of several home studios, including theProphet's studio2, polymatixx's Revolutionary HQ, Databyte's studio3, we collectively have to offer various musical/audio-based production services from the hip-hop and rap beatcraft, full instrumental song creation for solo artists, as well as custom song and production services for bands and artists.

Fully Created Instrumentals & Beats

As can be seen on the side we have a collection of beats that are available for download. The ones presented here are the newest and hippest tracks that we have available, but we are all active producers, and as in such there are many more beats available. You can find a full collection of beats on the official Infidel Netwerk playlist:

Contact us at to set up purchasing one of our tracks. We also have a full fleded beat store which can be found in link below:!beat-store/moddv

Here you will be able to find as time goes on updated beats and instrumentals from a wide variety of Infidel Netwerk producers. The beats are labeled by genre, tempo, and producer, and all have examples of the work for listening online. Check back frequently for new beats!

We also have available services to edit the tracks that we have already created, such as providing new arrangements, song structure, or mixing. This would be at an additional cost of $50-100 approximately, depending on the extensiveness of the changes requested by the artist.

Another option that we provide is mixing and mastering services for any tracks that we have created, once the artist has completed their vocal recording. This would be at an additional cost of $50-150 depending on the extensiveness of vocal work they wanted done.

Custom Created Songs & Production

We also have the capabilities to do custom created instrumentals and beats. What we would need to start a track would be for you give us the basic information of: what sort of sounds and instruments are to be desired in the track, what approximate tempo and style are to be presented, as well as provide some potential song references of other artists, sounds or styles that would be good inspirations during the creation of the track. Pricing would fluctuate based around the time spent on the track, but would be in the approximate range of $300-500.

We have many different ears and mindsets to go through to get you the result that you desire. So if you decide to go the route of purchasing a custom song when you decide to send your track to us, we prefer to have a face to face video chat afterwards so we can help get you exactly the results that you want, from the person who can best get it to you. As in such, we consider ourselves to be more of a personal service then what is traditionally offered in the market these days.

To hear examples of our work you can check out any of The Infidel Netwerk's releases in our RELEASES section and hear the work of the various artists, which will all have been mixed and mastered by a member of our production team. Alternatively, you can check out the individual mixing artists profiles, which can be found both below, and in the ARTISTS section of the site, to get an overview of what they have worked on, what equipment they use, and what artistic influences they have to see if they are the guy for your job.

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