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Tutorials: Comping Low End Frequency Content Into An Audio Sample (by Ryan "Tweak" Clark)

Ryan "Tweak" Clark of Attack the Decay, Sustain the Release and formely of PurPale has released the first in a series of music production tutorials that he is going to be provided, showing you some tips and tricks he has learned in his almost two decades of music production.

Straight from his original Facebook posting, here is his description: "This is the first tutorial made by Ryan Clark of Attack The Decay Sustain The Release (A.D.S.R.) and All In One Productions.

In this tutorial you will learn how to add in low frequency content (comping) into a sample that originally was lacking in low frequency content using Native Instruments Massive synthesizer and Cubase 7. You will learn how to analyze your audios frequency spectrum, how to automate the envelope of your sub bass to match the original samples envelope and how to process the sub bass to glue it into the sample comp.

I hope everyone finds this helpful, I appologize for how rough it may seem but it is my first go and it shall get better over time "

Follow Ryan Tweak and A. D. S. R. on their official Facebook:

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