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Fresh Trax! : Emika - Flashbacks (A.D.S.R. Remix)

Ryan "Tweak" Clark, previously from PurPale, has returned with his first new piece of music in the last half a decade. Coming back with intensity and style, this modern sounding remix of Emika's Flashback is a true bold statement, reworking one of his new favorite artists with a style and sound that you will learn to see as an evolution of what he began with PurPale, and a true statement to his musical skills of today.

This remix is just now random remix though, it is part of an epic song content that if he wins will greatly improve his studio by bringing funding and marketing opportunities for his music, as well as new musical gear! If you like the song, which if you listen I'm sure you will, and you want to support Ryan Clark and The Infidel Netwerk, head over to his Soundcloud and make sure to submit a like! Don't have Soundcloud account? Make a free one with only one click, by simply connecting your Facebook account to Soundcloud!

Song originally composed and produced by Emika Remixed, Remastered by Ryan "Tweak" Clark

Listen to the track on his official Soundcloud:

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