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Fresh Trax! : Transhumanist - Martyr

We live in this waste, knowing the decay. How can we tell truth from fiction, when our lives have been woven in a tapestry of deception by those who claim to speak for divinity. The true speaker of the divine is within us all, yet we still aimlessly search for others, and die for others, all in a quest to find a connection we always had in the first place. Do not fall for the deception and become a Martyr to the faux religion.


Can we live in this waste

Knowing the decay

Our minds create a false history

Putting lies upon tapestry

Vivid depictions strange encryptions

Weaving myth from truth and fantasy

Oh this mental masturbation

Can we deny our devouring selves?

And finally we look for the answers

Moving past the repression

Leaving the sin behind

We are done paying for our desires

Done paying with anxiety

A deep challice can be found

Filled with the reservoirs divine

We just need to search within

No more calcifying our emotions

For faith gives us no reason

We must find our own Babylon

In the corridors of our minds

There lies a palace for us all!

I will watch and find

My own martyrdom

Dissolve the grandiose

The unholy reign

Leave no markers of our past

Expel vanity in it's name

No longer able to appear

You hide behind order

Built on the foundations of hate

Your tyranny is not over

But we will decide our own fate

Whether we shall surrender

Or fight the lion within

Solidify, you are now worthy

Do not look down below

As they died in Rome

And you will live on for tomorrow

Song composed and produced by Brent Baldwin Vocals, additional instrumentation, mixing, and mastering, as well as digital artwork manipulation done by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Download the track on our official Bandcamp:

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