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Fresh Trax! : Izkrist - Cosmicity

The palace of mystery and regrets, one which we all to willingly hide behind. We must not become buried like a useless tomb, a mausoleum of decay. For only in upheaval of our notions of reality, and a connection to the cosmicity of hyperdimensionality can we as a species overcome our small sense of scope, and resultingly senselessness destruction. The first new track in months from the collaboration duo Izkrist, which comprises of theProphet from Jenova Project and Justin Jolly aka the Hypnotic Jerk.

Download the track on our official Bandcamp:

Get up to date information at Izkrist's official Facebook:


Casting shells, deception Reaching final, or destination Casting shells, casting off, manipulation Subtle fragmentations Stimulation, initiation It may be something more Then a simple simulation Sacrifice, or substance Silicon, or sanctity, Leave behind, falsity, Disconnect, reconnect, Hyperimensionality I’ve got the reason Now’s the time for treason Join in the cosmicity Forward through this waking surface We must alternate past these trivial thoughts Search for depths of self That lie behind the vastness Of this cosmic ocean There is an imperative desire For if not unheavel We must search ascension You can't hide behind your webs forever, Palace of mystery and regret.

Composed, written, programmed, and produced by Justin Jolly & Matt "theProphet" Smith Mixed, mastered, lyrics provided, and vocals done by Matt "theProphet" Smith

You can find Justin Jolly in his other project Hypnotic Jerk: You can find Matt "theProphet" Smith's other projects below: Transhumanist at: Jenova Project at: Dirty Lint: M-Fap at: Matt & Colin at: OurTrees at: Death Machine at:

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