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Review: Venus de Vilo - Necrodance (The Elvis Einstein Remixes)

A truly strange combination of sounds can be found here on Necrodance, a remix album done entirely by Elvis Einstein, a shock rocker from Nova Scotia, Canada, with the original music being composed by another shock queen herself, an irish succubus who goes by the moniker of Venus de Vilo. A truly magnificient release that shines more and more as you progress your way through the album, these two fangpals manage to mix and blend their bizarre dichotomy to create a truly unique release.

Maybe not one for everyone’s tastes, but if you are in for a bit of tongue in cheek macabre horror jammed lyrics, mixed in with some super retro sounding synths (that simultaneously conjure up nostalgia of King Diamond and Tangerine Dream in yet another strange contrast), as well as some solidly played acoustic guitar rhythm which can be found in almost every track, then this may just be your thing. A positively delicious combination of sounds, which makes this release worth a listen in all itself.

Though at times certain synth sounds can get a bit pitchy, the overall atmosphere and tonality of the album surprisingly works almost all the way through. The organ-like atmosphere to many of the synthetic elements of the tracks ooze over the guitars, creating an ethereal hypnotic rhythm through the release. Combine that with pulsing, phased, and flanged electric guitars (or are those synths? It’s hard to tell sometimes as it seems as if some of the synths seem drenched in quite a bit of reverb and/or distortion at times), and a clear drum machine roll, this album remains relentless in it’s shock assault on it’s listener.

Worthy of a solid listen for any fans of horror infused music, the lyrics of the lovely Venus de Vilo truly stand as strong on this remix album, if not stronger, as the original masterpiece. Wittily dancing among many of the favorite tropes found in her genre, she blends it all together in a wild and entertaining format, belting it all out with a strong, and surprisingly shrieky, alto croon.

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