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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Highest Order

We all can't hide from labels, but we can certainly choose whether or not we let them define us. "Do not subscribe to anybody else's prescription of doctrine" is the main theme behind this epic banger, released by M-Fap, the hip-hop alias of Matt "theProphet" Smith. Produced, recorded, and beat crafted by himself as well, this one man show delivers again another masterful creation.

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Labels, just another thing to prescribe So from the truth that we can all hide You think you got all this magical answers But I know you got nothing to make it better You might have a degree, but it’s plastic to me All these things that you claim to be able to see They don’t matter, and will be thrown out like sense chatter From just another fuck Mad Hatter Cause you claim you’ve seen something that’s forever That’s how I know you don’t got a single answer We all have a chance to make things matter We just need to learn how to stand up better How many times do we got to fall Before we realize that we’ve lost it all Persistence has led to a desolation Lost is the sacred art of the Brahman I want to live longer than 300 But you tell me that’s really fucking absurd Well I’ll tell you what I’m going to do I’m going to outlive every single one of you If you let them, they’ll trample us all down We are just pawns, nothing to them Don’t let yourself become subjected To a situation that’ll get you cheated Out of the position that you deserve You have all the potential to preserve A formation of your highest order To ascend, I know that we are all eager! You can’t take down a fucking legion When they come marchin, they know what they needin’ Ignore at your risk, you be feedin’ a demon A pit of anger that never stop a seething Before things take a nasty turn It’s better to just run and let your stomach churn It’s a lot better than getting yourself beheaded By the standing army you thought you outsmarted

Composed and created by Matt "theProphet" Smith and LICH. Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Vocals performed by LICH Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith Photography by Bailee F Picture Editing by Tom Musik You can find Bailee F's diverse portfolio here:

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