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Fresh Trax! : Transhumanist - The Great Deceiver

As the world comes into view, we are often left wondering whether or not the reality we take for granted is the one true reality. Is it all just a figment of our imagination? Are we just waiting to be consumed, by none other then ourselves? Or are we literally trapped in a hollow shell, on a dying planet, spinning through the cosmos of infinity? How can we ever really know, except within our own isolating self-validation. The basis of our existence is loneliness, so why not become the magician of chaos in your own show of deception. For at least the one who pulls the string has the last laugh.

Lyrics: My eyes crack open, And I witness the world, A different sort of reality, A different sort of passion, Then you would likely feel, Because I keep my third open, Another way for me to be, Not quite the same, Somewhere in between.

Wipe away the crust, of there lies, I will never put a veil over these eyes, Put on my own, robes of deceit, At least the illusion, is my own, I create the palace , of my own designs, Are you ready to take on the place I've made my own, I refuse to be, quiet and take a seat, This place of my design, I wake to everyday.

Shrouded by my faceless entity, Never quite sure what it will say, Usually calling out my claims to sanity,

Visions are just a part of me, It's the only way I open these eyes, Worlds gone and past, Realities to come and go, A different sort of way to live, Somewhere in between high and low.

Song composed and produced by Brent Baldwin Vocals, additional instrumentation, mixing, and mastering, as well as digital artwork manipulation done by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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