Elvis Einstein: Infidel Interview #19

Hello, and thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews. First off can we start off with some basics about yourself including name, age, where you live, and what musical skills you have / instruments you play?

I am Elvis Einstein, I am Thirty Two years of age, and I am originally from Shubenacadie Nova Scotia, now presiding in Windsor Nova Scotia. I play several Instruments… Guitar, bass, Drums (basic), the Ocarina, and most important to my music specifically, keyboards and piano. I Also produce, record and engineer, all of my own work…

How do you enjoy where you live? Is there a vibrant music community for you to indulge? Would you say you find that your local scene influences your attitude and/or creativity?

I have mixed feeling about where I live…. I challenge any to find a place in the world that could rival the natural and very well preserved beauty of Nova Scotia. However cultural and artistic diversity are not common place here… there is not much of a music or multi-cultural scene in Nova Scotia, outside of the capitol of Halifax, unless you are one who enjoys Country Music, East Coast Rock, or East Coast Music (Folk)… Even in Halifax there would not be much of a scene for Elvis Einstein, despite the odd “Industrial Night” at some dank pub… So, absolutely not… My Community has nothing to do with my inspiration or my musical influence….

Your music bridges on a lot of different styles, from electronica, to hip-hop, to metal, to blues. Do you find it difficult to manage all your influences into one cohesive package? Or is the fun in the beauty of trying to make all the elements work in the project?

I do not find it very difficult at all, I simply write as I desire to write, or play as I desire to play… my creative process is very natural and organic. I simply pick up my guitar, or a keyboard, and just let the music flow through me. Once I write something that I love, I record it. The specific style is rarely thought of at the time I write the piece. I usually start off with a melody that is in my head, and purge it through instrumentation… Sometimes it’s a rock song, sometimes it’s bluesy, or more metal, or gothic, or industrial ect…

Your image harks back to the days of Mercyful Fate and KISS. Would you say 70's and 80's rock/metal played a huge influence into your style and image? What about the painted face and dark imagery attracted you to your current aesthetic?

I am glad that you mentioned Mercyful Fate, because King Diamond has had a huge influence on my image. I have always thought about presence when it comes to image…. If a performer plays a guitar, and sings you a song, you might remember him/her if you really enjoyed their music… however, if said performer scared the unholy shit out of you, you’re going to remember them either way! Though it is not my goal to frighten people, it is my goal to have people not just remember or think about my music, but to think about me, my face, my very presence and existence… My goal is to have Elvis Einstein stay in your head… I think the dark Imagery is very affective at this, though I’m not sure that my image does stay with everyone who is presented with it… I am sure it has helped to make Elvis Einstein more memorable to those it has…

I can see that throughout your lyrics there is a persistent theme that is extremely critical of the world around you. This sort of rhetoric often comes with dark imagery that I have seen. Would you say that your image has been built on that of the outcast? And if so, where would you say your story of alienation and perseverance begins?

The truth is, I do not mean to be so critical of the world around me, I just see a lot of Dark and ugly things in the world in which I exist, and that is what I choose to write about. I also see a great deal of beauty, but as an artist I am less inclined to express myself in a light hearted manner. I would not say that my music or image has been built on that of an outcast, more so as an individual who chose a different path. Though I have been alienated at times, I believe this is common place for anyone… none of us fit perfectly… I have never had trouble being social, and easily get along with most anyone… However adversity is no stranger to me, and I am a rather eccentric person… My life has been trying, and I have faced a fair deal… and not everyone understands me… but I would like to think that the larger percentage at least accept me.

You are a very profilic musician. You have released over 50 tracks in the last 3 years, with most of it being produced by yourself. How did you get into the role of being a songwriter/singer/producer? Which part of the composition process do you feel like you enjoy the most?