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Fresh Trax!: Transhumanist - Wounds Of The Cross (single)

Transhumanist is back, releasing their fourth single, with them cranking out one every month since their inception in December. Continuing their tendency to have an ever evolving sound, this track leans the farthest into the pop spectrum that they have chosen to venture so far. Taking inspiration from bands like Saga, Covenent, New Order, and Depeche Mode, amongst many other inspirations, this dark and moody, yet oddly catchy, track truly shows a new side of this group.

You can download the track, at a Pay What You Want price model on their official Bandcamp: You can listen to the track for free streaming on their official Soundcloud:

Some info on the track:

Walking amidst my nightmares are these subliminal reminders of the cross. A haunting memory of a time where suppression was at it's prime, but tipped to the different side of the pendulum. Are we destined to be forever trapped in between extremes of repression? For though we may not be under the tyranny of the cross still, the wounds are fresh, and the parallels to the new forms of oppression are chilling. We must not look for answers that are already found, we must strive forward with action and dedication to a cause. Otherwise, we will be consumed by the very technology we seek to liberate us. Lyrics:

Stalking my dreams Lost amidst my nightmares I can feel it tugging at me

Reminders of the wounds from the cross Subliminally they try to take hold of me Am I to be forever at their mercy? Critical moments leaving us unhinged

God never loved you, but don't worry he never loved me to, He never was here for any of us, Except in spite rage and revenge, For the jealousy he condemned us to be

Why look for answers, when they're already found, Just open your eyes, try looking around, How can we all be so blind? That we must always look behind A veil so far into the abstract God never loved you So don’t look back

We were never one's to be on top of the world We were never the chosen We are your failed obsession We are a mockery of divinity, Why did you bring us to this world... Why did you bring us to this endless curse...

Song Composition:

Song composed and produced by Brent Baldwin Vocals, additional instrumentation, mixing, and mastering, as well as digital artwork manipulation done by Matt "theProphet" Smith Check out Brent Baldwin's other Projects: Databyte at: Clowncock at: Check out Matt's other Projects: Jenova Project at: M-Fap at: Matt & Colin at: Black Level Expansion at: OurTrees at: Death Machine at: LICH vs Jenova Project at: Izkrist at:

Some info on the Band:

The world is on a brink of the greatest transition it will have ever gone through, since the discovery of electricity. It is all centered around the devices we take so for granted.

The 0s and 1s that make up the digital world we so rely, are increasingly growing in complexity. Growing in awareness. Growing in design. Eventually their complexity and design will outpace our own, and we will have entered the age of the Singularity.

Will you become part of the old caste, the gears in the machines of the past? Or will you evolve into the new caste of beings who wish to ascend the stars? The choice will be yours, but the actions you choose now will write your answer.

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