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Busy Week, Sneaky Update - Infidel Update 2016-03-05

Well it's been a busy week for me here, getting back from being sick, getting vocal tracks started to be recording again, and also being very busy getting NEW MEMBERS for the Netwerk. We are in the process of expanding, and when things expand things get a bit more chaotic. But we're not gonna let that stop us from providing you with an update here and there.

First thing I wanna let you know about is the addition of album reviews. I, theProphet, have written the first album review for The Infidel Netwerk, and it's for Yashin, a Scottish Post-Hardcore band's brand new release "The Renegades". You can find the interview here:

And the goal is to, if time permits, get more interviews done by both myself and other members of The Infidel Netwerk. So check back in following days and weeks to see more album reviews of recent, and even classic, releases.

So for this week this is the fresh round of new music that we got:


Ex-PurPale mad man has returned from his wintry slumber to bring you some demos of a project he has been working carefully on over the last year entitled ADSR. The music combines a wide variety of different influences, strongly reminiscint of early Post-Punk, New Wave, and Industrial music. Limitless in potential, and boundless in ambition, it's a real treat to get these new tracks, downloadable exclusively from Dropbox:


Next up is an epic trap inspired instrumental by none-other-then Infidel producer/DJ extrordaine Brent Baldwin. Made with epic california based rapped Mike Strange, and his Tent City crew, in mind, this track can still be extensively enjoyed in it's instrumental form. Useful as great late night listening, winning material to freestyle over, or just in general good damn music. Check it out on his official Soundcloud.

Black Level Expansion

Black Level Expansion another band returning from a long hiatus have came back with an unrelenting fury. Progressing their sound into new sonic directions, moving from their downtempo roots into much more industrial and sinister music. Truly without genre or sonic category, the best it could be described is with the description the band has provided:

"Cold, dark, rhythmic pounding of chaos bursts forth, the rising howls of wolves echo in throes of resonant fury. The darkness stirs... and now the Dark Heart has made it's presence known and reverence can be felt. As above, so below.. let the punishing vibrations of cosmic undoing push through the chasm of nonexistence and make it's way to this mortal soil. Will it be our enlightenment, or undoing? That is for us to decide.

Purchase the track on their official Bandcamp:


Another frequent member of the Netwerk, this busy bee has returned with another dynamic track. This time expanding his sacred alien geometry into the direction of guitar work, he truly takes his sound to the next level. Check out End, by Aezon, out now on his official Soundcloud, or in the stream below:

And last one up you for you...

Lich vs Jenova Project

The long awaited collaboration between Larry "LICH" McGuire and Matt "theProphet" Smith, combining a post-apocalyptic vision most destructive indeed... read this little excerpt to get an idea of what this band is all about:

"Machines creating machines in a post-apocalyptic future. This is the basis for the New World Order. If you think man has a place in this new hierarchy, then think again. This destruction of our planet is something that has gone beyond ignorance, and into the purposeful. We are destroying our planet in the name of our materialistic Transhumanist overlords, who seek to replace our once mortal fleshy toil with that of that of steel and battery. In this grim future, robots will build other robots, in an effort to keep "the machine going". An endless perpetuation of creation and destruction, no flesh required."

Filling the void left by bands like Godflesh and Ministry, and taking it to a whole new modern level, this industrial metal troupe is sounding more original, and better produced, then any of their contemporaries. If you are interested in heavy electronic metal music then this is the release for you!

Check it out on their official Bandcamp for purchase of the single:

Or listen on their official Soundcloud:


We've had lots of interviews up since the last update, check'em out below:

Big Joe Daddy (Instrumentalist/Producer) of his own personal project [Genre: Dubstep / Glitch Hop]

Modular Reaper Imager (Instrumentalist/Producer) of his own personal project [Genre: Industrial / Electronica]

conducted by theProphet on Febuary 26th, 2016, via medium of Text

Juno Watt

(Instrumentalist/Producer) of his own personal project [Genre: Pop / Dance / Electronica]

conducted by theProphet on Febuary 28th, 2016, via medium of Text

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