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Some More Madness: Infidel Update 2-24-2016

Well it's been a fun week over this last week. Here we got for you a brand new throwback track by Databyte. An oldie but a goodie, this track's a real stomper. Check out this electro action on his official Youtube!

Check out the latest ambient track from Hypnotic Jerk, who is continuing his trend of pushing boundaries, and experimenting in new directions.

ADSR has recently resurfaced after a long dormancy, with ex-Pur Pale member Ryan "Tweak" Clark releasing the new track a cover of Stabbing Westward's Dawn preformed live in the studio. An awesome and powerful live electronics and vocals performance, it's definitily not be missed. An epic return to form indeed!

We also have for you the latest post-apocalyptic track by LICH, an industrial / avant-garde / metal artists from Colorado, USA. Truly original music that pushes the boundries of sound and concept. Check it out on his official Soundcloud.

We've also been extensively busy on the interview front, I got a BUNCH more for you (Click on any of the below to link you to the interview):

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