Keepin' It Fresh On A New Day: Infidel Update 2016-02-16

A note for those who may be new. Clicking on any pictures will lead to respective listening pages for the artist being described in nearby text. CLICK AND ENJOY!

It's been a fun couple weeks here. There's been a delay in updates, we're trying to figure out a more productive schedule for releasing content. What we've decided is we'll have theProphet's blog released on Mondays, Infidel Netwerk update's on Tuesdays, album reviews on Wednesday and Friday, and video content on Thursdays, with additional new songs, interviews, and articles hopefully dispersed throughout the week randomly as they apear. This will hopefully create a more varied content rhythm over the next couple of months, as we move on to even bigger and greater things!

As for Infidel Netwerk update here we are going to be providing as much content as we can about the week prior, including new artwork, songs, and commentary on, but not only that, we also want to help provide you with insight of what is to come on a more frequent basis. Of course this will be more concrete as the Netwerk expands, and the membership becomes in more frequent communication. But that all being said, bright things ahead.

One of the new features that we have been implementing into the Infidel Netwerk is artist interviews. We dabbled with them in the past, but we did not persue it further, as the entire project become a bit more scattered in practice, then the original design intended. But now in more "modern" times we have returned with a new face, not only providing interviews for artists within, but also for talent without. There is a whole of unsigned, or independent, talent out there that needs to have it's mind and vision shared. And I intend to help persue that journey.

We had two interviewees this week, one in, and one without. The first up is with Trent Johnson, a producer from Huntsville, Alabama. He has only been making music for the last 6 months, but despite this has proven himself to be a whiz producer, and when we chatted by email also a shown himself to be a nice and well spoken guy. Check out Infidel Interview #3 for our full interview with Trent.

Next up is a producer within. We've long been waiting for a voice behind the Hypnotic Jerk! Well, we'll still have to physically wait, but for now we have a digital representation none-the-less. Our second most recent text based interview goes into the details of what it's like to be a music producer, a member of the Infidel Netwerk, and an aspiring all around Jerk! Check it out in Infidel Interview #4.

Next up for you is something a little different. A while back Infidel main man theProphet contacted his cousin Aidan, and his friend Keith, and asked them if they wanted some recording time. After a day of jamming, with Aidan on guitar, Keith on bass and vocals, and theProphet doing drum programming, recording, production, mixing, and mastering an epic masterpice of a track was created. You can find the first official track by Open Feast on their official Soundcloud.