Trent Johnson: Infidel Interview #3

First of all I'd like to say thank you for doing an interview with Infidel Netwerk. We appreciate your time, and music, and hope to hear much more from you in the future. You can find Trent Johnson on his official Soundcloud. Where he has been releasing music for the last 3 months.

theProphet: To start things off why don't you give us a bio/rundown of your name, where you live, and how old you are, and how many years you have been making music?

Trent: My name is Trent Johnson. I reside in Huntsville, Alabama (United States), I am 20 years old, and I have actually only been producing music for 6 months now.

Do you find that where you live, and the culture you participate in, to be an influence on the music you make?

I love my city, however, the music scene is very poor here, and the electronic music scene is pretty much non-existent. So I wouldn't say that the city of Huntsville has had much influence on my music. However, the culture that I participate in has an overwhelmingly strong influence on my music. I try to keep myself submerged in the electronic music scene nearly at all times. I frequently travel to catch electronic shows, both big and small, whenever I can. I am always listening to new music, focusing in on different styles of production that I try to incorporate in my own productions.

What are some of the major bands that influenced you? Do you have any particular band that you have a story about that connects you to your current journey in music making?

There are so many bands/artists that have influenced me over the years, but the one that sticks out to me the most is Daft Punk. I first heard "Da Funk" from their debut album "Homework" when I was eight years old (2003). This was the first time I had ever been exposed to electronic music, and I absolutely loved it. I have been a fan of the French duo ever since. In 2008, Deadmau5 released his track "Ghosts 'n' Stuff. This was another track that I instantly fell in love with. Around this time, the United States was on the cusp of its EDM boom, so this was when I really started to appreciate electronic music, and I was always trying to find more and more awesome tracks. Fast forward to 2014, and I had just discovered the young talented duo from Seattle, Washington known as ODESZA. Their music is so incredibly unique, and it really stuck with me. Last year I got the chance to see them live. My friends and I waited in the rain for hours so we could be the first in the doors so we could be in the front row. It was a truly mind blowing experience. To this day, I have yet to experience such an intimate and emotional show at an electronic concert. When I learned more about the duo, I discovered that both started making electronic music when they were studying at university, and both had minimal previous music experience. Their story really inspired me, because if they could go from being broke college students to selling out a world tour in a matter of a few years, why can't I? They were the band that inspired me to actually fork up the money for all of the software and hardware I needed to get started.

Is electronic music where you started making music? Or did you have previous musical background or experience before hand? If so does/did your previous musical experience effect your electronic compositions?

I played the trumpet in my middle school band for one year, and that is really the only previous music experience I would really count before I decided to try my hand at the electronic production world. My neighbors and I would have little jam seshes when I was younger, and I was usually the singer, but we were terrible honestly. Which is why I wouldn't count that. I don't think any of my previous musical experience influences the music I make, however, I have made a few orchestral pieces just for fun that I haven't released, and don't really plan to, but my some of inspiration for that may be from my band years.

Other then what you currently produce, what other sorts of genres, instruments, and sounds would you like to use in the future?

I would really like to produce some rap songs in the future. I'm not a fan of mainstream rap at all really, however, I really love some of the more electronically influenced rap songs. I really enjoy Danny Brown's song "25 Bucks" produced by Purity Ring, because you get the aggressive vocals of Danny combined with Purity Ring's dark, yet soft production style, and it smashes the boundaries between the two genres. Everything that I have produced to this point have multiple synthetic elements, however in the future, I may experiment with a more organic sound. Something that sounds like it could have been created without a computer.

When you sit down to write music, do you have a certain type of instrument or sound that you gravitate towards first (like bass, drums, or melody), or do you find your process is more on a case by case basis?

It depends on the type of track I'm trying to produce. If I'm making something that is more of a trap style, I'll start by making drum loops, If I'm making house music, I experiment with sounds and then create a melody, If I'm making a deep house track, I'll start off with a bass line, etc.