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Endless Updates: Infidel Update 2016-02-04

*Click on any of the pictures to link to Streams/Downloads of Songs Mentioned*

Well you just can't stop this Netwerk, maybe delay it for a day (or a month, or a year... depending on the situation... but in this case a day) but you can't keep it down. And when we come back, we always come back hard. Not to say we missed much, considering we were here next week, and we are here this week as well, but a day to me is a nightmare I wanted to miss. But headaches aside here we are, let the NEW MUSIC BEGIN!

First of, theProphet has released a new Jenova Project track. The first of the new year, and the first single in the beginning of a new album release. The album will be the last album in the Shadowalker trilogy, a series of albums he has been releasing since last summer. The albums were recorded between 2009-2011, and represent some of his oldest music that he has still access to in semi-decent recorded format. The music itself is sparse, but pumped up atmospheric, with the album taking an extreme focus on the his embellished vocal performance. The dynamic and pop single Walk In the Light is the first track from the album, and features artwork from the lovely Bailee F, the artwork collaborator on the Dystopia and Paranormal albums.

Next up is a brand new track, entitled "Wanna Be With You" by theProphet's father's band Hartbeat. The track features smooth avant-garde and jazz infused modern take and what might now be known as classic rock. The track has some truly impressive baritone crooning style vocals, and is backed by a powerful dynamic multi-instrument composition. This is the first track done by Hart to be featured on The Infidel Netwerk, but expect many more in the future.

The collaboration band between Databyte and theProphet Transhumanist are back at it again, releasing their third track, the 80s inspired Party Like The World Is Ending. Diverging from their previous tracks which featured a harder and more experimental sound, this track is by far their most mainstream sounding. However, despite the more pop sound taken on the track, don't be fooled into thinking that they still aren't pushing the envelope. With engaging vocals that have no auto-tune, and punch a power unseen in the modern music industry, and a backing beat that actually has movement and dynamic range in it, it's definitely nothing you have heard before.

Last up for you to devour is the epic pair of tracks by Izkrist and Hypnotic Jerk. Izkrist, a collaborative project between theProphet & Hypnotic Jerk respectively, has released a new track called Revelation Decay. Featuring artwork by the traditional Jenova Project collaborator Bailee F, and masterful production by the useful duo, they find themselves pushing their boundaries of intensity further. By far the heaviest, most distorted, and close to true raw industrial sounding, if you are a fan of vicious audio assaults this will be for you. Also not to be missed is the power noise influenced remix by Hypnotic Jerk, which can be found on his Soundcloud.

Epic music dump for you all, but make sure to check Infidel Netwerk Facebook on the ongoing week, for more updates, as well as an upcoming artist interview!

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