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Data & Discs: Infidel Update 2016-01-27

So it's a been a bit of slow week here at the Infidel Netwerk. Main man theProphet has been sick as a dog, which put quite a few projects on hold. However, luckily we got some great international crew in the States to pick up the pace. So here we go a little bit awesomeness from both our guys down below. [In case you forgot, all the pictures are clickable, and lead to links for listening / viewing.]

Hypnotic Jerk has been busy working on quite a few projects. A brand new epic track entitled "Weight Of The Whole World" featuring vocals sliced and edited from a new (currently unreleased) track of Jenova Project's. The track is as fresh as it's name sounds, and can be found on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

Also he has been busy working away on an extensive graphics design & photography portfolio. He will be taking orders soon, for custom work.

A collection of work can be found on his Facebook page so make sure to check it out if your interested in possibly getting logos, graphics, or artwork done for your project. Examples found below:

Also if you are interested in receiving a free promo disc, that contains both Hypnotic Jerk's solo work, as well as his collaborative project Izkrist with theProphet, they can be ordered from him personally. Details below: "Got some homemade promo CD's ready to ship worldwide for whoever wants to cop some free HQ tunes from Hypnotic Jerk & Izkrist! (320 kb/s mp3s @ 44100 Hz)Included as an extra bonus are HQ Hypnotic Jerk & Hypnotic Jerk Designs logos & HQ Photography image files! Add the Hypnotic Jerk Facebook page and private message for more details"

Next up, is an epic downtempo infused hip-hop track. Made by the normally Drum'n'Bass producer DataByte, who has lately been going out his regular boundries to entertain you with some smooth late night listening. Any enthusiast of artists like Bluetech, J Dilla, DJ Shadow, and RJD2 will be enthused to hear this epic combination of beat and melody. All of his music can be listened to on his official Soundcloud and/or YouTube.

Lastly, I want to highlight two other musicians who are not official members or affiliates of The Infidel Netwerk, but are close friends and also independent musicians who make great music that might get otherwised buried due to lack of label support. I wanna give a shoutout to this underground prodigees who both make very different, but equally entertaining, music.

First up is the all might Big M.I.C. from Langley, British Columbia, Canada (theProphet's own hometown, straight from the source of the Infidels). Just at the end of last year he released an epic EP entitled the Reflections. The music can be both streamed and downloaded for free, so there is no reason at all to miss this epic throwback to classic hip-hop. Not for the faint of heart, of the weak of knees, this release tells it at it is, with glowing intensity, and blazing passion. Check out the hip-hop master M.I.C. on his Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, or YouTube.

And last bit of musical madness for the evening returns to the States. Producing electronic music that fuses the best of IDM/Electronica/Downtempo and Space Synth, with influences clearly laying in the Aphex Twin and Autechere direction, if you are fan of glitchy but melodic electronic music then this will be to your tastings. For many of you this will be your first exposure, check out the awesome AezoN.

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