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The Most Epic Return Of New Music Ever!

It's been exciting couple weeks here at The Infidel Netwerk. We have restarted our music production after the month long retreat during the Winter Break that we had. And not only do we have new music by Jenova Project (a new album and an EP actually), but we also have a new release from Matt & Colin, as well as four new bands!!! that have joined the Infidel Netwerk fold.

So let's start with something new for you all!!! Cause I'm excited to bring to you the first international member of the the Infidel Netwerk (which up until this point has been predominently Canadian, and even specifically from the British Columbia provinence). His name is Brent Baldwin, and he has been producing electronic music under a varius different alias for the last decade. He currenly resides in North Carolina, and his most current and profolic alias is Databyte (check him out on his official Soundcloud as well). Check out and follow his YouTube channel for his most recent tracks and beats:

The second international member to join The Infidel Netwerk is also from the United States, this time from Pennsylvania (looks like we have a Southern invasion here!). His name is Justin Jolly, and he has produced some of the most diverse, intense, yet strangely danceable industrial music I have heard on the independent market. This guy knows how to make some heavy hitting beats. His music totally worth checking out, and can be found on Bandcamp and Soundcloud respectively. Click on the album artwork to the side, and find yourself transported to a world of audio destruction.

Infidel Netwerk founder and Jenova Project main man was so impressed with both DataByte and Hypnotic Jerk, that he has formed his own respective side projects with each guy. Both focusing on making diverse electronic music, interestingly enough, both members were met on the Skinny Puppy facebook group. So elements of crossover in sound can certainly be heard.

First up on the list is Transhumanist, the mashup between Databyte and theProphet. Their music can be summed up with this little mini-bio: "The world is on a brink of the greatest transition it will have ever gone through, since the discovery of electricity. It is all centered around the devices we take so for granted.The 0s and 1s that make up the digital world we so rely, are increasingly growing in complexity. Growing in awareness. Growing in design. Eventually their complexity and design will outpace our own, and we will have entered the age of the Singularity.Will you become part of the old caste, the gears in the machines of the past? Or will you evolve into the new caste of beings who wish to ascend the stars? The choice will be yours, but the actions you choose now will write your answer." Check their FREE music out on both Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Next up is the fierce and agressive project known as Izkrist, comprised of both the Hypnotic Jerk and theProphet's most carnal expressions. This band is probably some of the most agressive music, created by either, to date. The band's bio reads as follows: "Meet the new epic dystopian Industrial duo that threatens to take the mantle from some thrones that have been occupied for far to long. The current Hard Industrial / Dark Electro scene has been stagant in it's own decay for years. It's time to rattle the bones in this undead monstrosity, and get the beast raging again. The project fuses the audio wizardry of theProphet with the epic powers of the Hypnotic Jerk, all leading to a blinding frenzy that literally threatens to call upon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse themselves. Nothing but pure audio destruction can be expected from this beast. Be prepared to be brought TO YOUR KNEES!" If they don't bring upon armegeddon, then I'm not sure who will. Check them out, and their two debut FREE singles "Warrior" and "Gladiator" on their Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud respectively.

It's been a while, and the world has felt a great silence since the time of Matt & Colin's last release the Distant City EP. However, they have been a cooking some mighty fine tunes, another EP, or possibly a whole album if time permits. But in the meantime they have a tickiling of track for you. A bold new face for the dynamic duo. Keeping in line with the previous danceable sensibilities, those familiar with their past work will not be disapointed. However, they do not stop at simply repeating themselves, but innovate and expand upon their solid platform. Listen closely, and you will hear a new signature snarl in the powerful vocals of charismatic Colin Snell. They boom and bellow, capturing your undivided attention, all without loosing his romantic sass that keeps him so apealing. Truly a new chapter in their music, don't miss Torn Through It (Torn To Bits). You can find it on theirBandcamp for digital download, or Soundcloud for easy listening.

Also back in the game after a bit of a winter break is the always entertaining M-Fap. Currently working hard away in his studio on his debut album, the madman has decided to give you a bit of an expansion upon his old mixtape. Releasing several new tracks in FREE single format, he has for you the introspective and philosophical new track "Judgement Day". Probably one of his most serious tracks to date, his lyrical prowess brings you on a journey from the bottom, to the top, and all the back and fown farther to the lowest of lows, reflecting upon one's spiritual pathway (or depreciation) the whole way. Not for the soft of heart, and meak of mind, this track actually sends chills down my spine. Check it out on his official Bandcamp for FREE download, or Soundcloud for streaming listening.

And last but not least, I have the return of the all might Jenova Project. Two releases, the long awaited Paranormal, and the anticipated free EP Welcome to Inferno. Both can be listened to for free on both my Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but on the latter it can be purchased for a mere $5 (which would go a great way to contributing to the upcoming merchandise releases that I plan to put put out, and which require a substantial downpayment to get going...). Writeups and pictures of the albums can be found below...


"The album depicts the tale of the Shadowalker, after he has completed his transition from a Souless Wanderer to the all-mighty Bonesnapper. Unsure of his true reflection at this point, and haunted by the memories of his past, he must traverse a new and dangereous world of mental and

spiritual awareness that leaves him host to the predatory, yet insightful, wrath of various spirits and demons. Both haunting him, and giving him wisdom and knowledge, theProphet must learn to discern which of these Spirits he wishes to work with, and which he must banish, all so he can complete his goal of becoming an Alchemical G-d!"

Welcome To Inferno EP

"Welcome To Inferno. The story picks up the Z Day saga, and continues immediately follows the first album's conclusion. We follow theProphet on his endless torturous walk through the wasteland that was was once the Utopia he called home. After the destruction wrought at the end of Z Day, he finds himself pushed to the brink of ruin. Having to leave one of the only remaining outposts of society, due to its nuclear self-

destruction in the attempt to cull a large apocalyptic herd of zombies, he wanders looking for a new place to call home. All the while he finds himself in dismay, watching as the other survivors backstab each other, and even murder each other ruthlessly, all in the simple name of trying to get ahead. "But what will there be left to get ahead to, if we kill all worth sharing it with" asks the solemn prophet."

Final words, just want to say thank you to all for taking time to cosider and reall these awesome new projects. There is lots more to come. Gonna be including some new features as well such as album reviews by Infidel Netwerk members, and possibly synth tutorials and patches, and maybe even free samples in the near future. Lots of cool new things, so check back frequently, especially on our frequently updated Facebook page!

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