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Weekly Update 2015-11-18

So it's been a bit of a slow time here at The Infidel Netwerk. Even though we had planned several new features, due to a hard drive crash, and the inactivty of quite a few of the previous key members, things have taken a backseet. Most of the time spent over the last week has been spent contacting individuals and setting up new projects, so that the future looks a bit more active!

In the meantime, there has been a few releases here for you. All of them coming from theProphet, busy man that he is, he still manages to every couple of days drop a new track for listening. Today is no different, with a free new instrumental Jenova Project track being released earlier this morning.

All of the new Jenova Project tracks can be accessed by clicking on the respective artworks above. However, also theProphet has released a new track through his hip-hop alias entitled Pathways. It features some of his most authentic and autobiographical lyrics to date, describing his upbringing which led to his current critical attitude. Click on the artwork below to give the track a listen!

Sorry for the short update this week folks, but next week will be a real kicker, so check back frequently for consistent new content as the week goes on!

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