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Join The Infidel Information Netwerk!

Have you ever felt the information you are getting from the Mainstream Media is a little bit biased, one-sided, and agenda pushing? I have had this fear a lot. In The Infidel Netwerk we provide news and articles from a wide variety of different sources, both mainstream, alternative, and independent to keep the perspectives varied and diverse. Only through diversity of opinion can we seek to come to a semblence of the truth. Click the picture below, to find out more:

Join The Infidel Information Netwerk on Facebook today, and you will be joining a community of free thinkers, philosophers, musicians, artists, and collaboraters. You can read, discuss, and post articles of your own. Join now and engage in this vibrant and growing community. Not only that, but the most recent posts will show up on the front page of the website for The People Party, which is The Infidel Netwerk's political and social platform to help dissimenate and spread information.

The People's Party's website can be found here!

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