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Weekly Update 2015-10-07

It's been nice keeping things consistent here at The Infidel Netwerk. Every week since we've been back we've had a successful and productive update, with new releases from a wide variety of different artists. We hope to keep the trend going, along with as we mentioned when we first came back, some new features and articles.

Over the last month and a half I've been dedicatedly working with several individuals on some new concepts to present to you from us. The first of them is going to be a dedicated news and information blog. I run something on Facebook called The Infidel Information Netwerk. It presents information from a wide variety of different sources, and individuals, on tops ranging from health to technology to culture to politics, and everything in between. It truly is a great alternative information network. If you wish to join the Information Netwerk, and even contribute your own posts and news, follow the link below by clicking the picture:

However, that being said, we want to take things to the next level. Once or twice a week, what I plan to do is gather myself, and other volunteer blog journalists, and provide a series of running commentary and analysis based on key articles that were deemed to be relevant and/or important. Such written commentary will be followed by potential video blogs, which will involve discussion between a panel of different individuals, including myself, and various other Infidel Netwerk affiliated guests. My hope is for this to come out sometime in the next two weeks! So prepare for the next evolution in Infidel! Now, onwards to the artistic goods!

This week for you we have three fantastic releases to promote. First up on the list is Murdaa Noize's The Next Generation EP. Released half in singles just before summer, this dance troupe consisting of Cameron Jones (from Tepco Bushes and Panther Pyramid) and theProphet (from Jenova Project, OurTrees, Gaggle, and Matt & Colin) has finally released their debut full EP. Featuring 5 tracks of awesome noise, and all for the amazing price of FREE, this release is not to be missed. Just click the album artwork to access our Bandcamp for a free listen and download:

Next up, longtime Infidel Netwerk artists and musician (of Dirty Lint and Jenova Project fame), has recently put up her full gallery online of her collected works. Considered a portfolio at this point and time, we will have full print options for purchase of all of her works in the near future. In the meantime check out her lovely fantastic artwork on her official website, just click her artwork below:

Last up, Infidel Netwerk main man theProphet has recently remastered his entire Shadowalker LP, using new plugins and techniques he has acquired over the summer sessions. A good primer for the upcoming Paranormal album, which is to begin being released near the end of this month. However, if you have already heard or downloaded this album before, it is still worth checking out, as all the of instrumental tracks, which were previously buried in the background do to certain mixing issues, are now blazing and loud heard like never before. Just click the album artwork on the side to access the Bandcamp, for free listen or high quality purchase of 9 tracks for like the bargain price of $5.

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