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Weekly Update 2015-9-30

Jenova Project

In the Jenova Project world we've been seeing some definite polish coming out with his most recent online media work. All of his albums, now have official story concept synopses provided for them. Though they leave ambiguity, leaving some room for your imagination to fill in some of the blanks, they provide a platform for understanding the general concepts and connectivity between the various Jenova Project releases. All of this can be found on his official Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Website.

You can also now hear a brand new single from the guy. The track is entitled Tunnel, and can be found on his official Bandcamp. You can access that by clicking on the album artwork as seen on the side. It was released unexpectedly, and is from an EP recorded years ago, known as Welcome To Inferno EP. It is meant to bridge releases between Z Day and a forthcoming sequel (entitled Z Era). This could be considered part one in a trilogy of companion mini-releases, which is planned to be released over the next year as the sequel to Z Day is finished.

Also there are two new interesting features for the website other than the story concepts, and the new track. We also have completely revamped the Gallery section to include a media section, with an updated feed of all the latest posts by theProphet through his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles. If you want to get comprehensive up to date theProphet information that will be the place to go! Not only that, it also features all of the artwork that can be found for individual tracks (including all the new ones custom designed by artist Bailee F in Raw form with no Jenova Project logos) but it also included updated pictures of theProphet in the studio. Some examples can be found below:

Death Machine

Death Machine is a project that is the aborted creation by the musical mastermind and permanent psychomagickal wizard Tom Musik, which was handed over to the tyrannical alien dictator warlord known as theProphet for final processing. Realizing the destructive potential the duo have decided to unleash the madness created upon the world in a despicable synergetic form of concentrated chaos-void energy. If you can brave a delve in the darker side, put on your full body suits and goggles, put on this marvelous release "Holy Fuck I Suck" and try not to lose to many limbs.

Click on the picture above to access the album!

All in all, this could be considered a first draft of the album. The instrumental side of madness. Soon to be released will be versions of the songs reconstructed by Tom Musik, as to be reformed with the vocals in mind, which will be done by none other then theProphet himself. Exciting times ahead, but in the meantime, be sure to check out the instrumental taster of what is to come!

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