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Weekly Update 2015-09-17

Sorry for the delay to our regularly scheduled programming. We were hoping to get a blog roll updated last night, however some family matters came up, and a delay was put to today. So without further ado, I am rollin’ out for you some of the latest additions to the Infidel Netwerk.

First is the sequel song, to M-Fap master track Delusions. A track that is all bite, aptly entitled "Teeth", it brings the listener through a journey into the sickest and depravest of minds, as he searches for existential meaning in an essentially meaningless world.

Click any of the pictures to listen to the track!

Next up for you to devour is the wonderful and epically lengthed Planetary Visions, but the non-stop music-making duo known as OurTrees. Landing on the band’s second EP, known as “The Other Side EP”, this track focuses once more on experiential visions, however these bring you through a realm of loss, wonder, and searching for answers, the truest of all existential questions if I might say so myself.

This week was a bit of a short week for us here at The Infidel Netwerk, however expect a bit more of a rounded experience next week, with a music video coming out from Jenova Project, as well as the full release of the long awaited Dystopia album. You can currently find over half of the Dystopia album released in single format, with the most recent track being released last week.

We are also working on assembling the release package for the next OurTrees single, which will also complete our release of The Other Side EP, and will lead us onto the stages for the production of our first music videos, as well as working on our follow-up album we have been quietly working on over the last year. So as one can see, there is a lot to come from there over the next couple of months! As far as Matt & Colin goes, we are working on the release of our next single, which will start the release schedule for our next EP, which will be entitled The Hunter EP. There will most likely be 4 tracks on this release, much like the previous release, and they will all be focused on single worthy dance ready tracks, non-stop-floor-shakers meant to keep the night rolling.

Lastly, we are working on restarting the work schedule process for some bands that have been dormant over the last year, as well as adding a few new bands to the current Infidel Netwerk roster. However, no official announcements have been made, and we will be holding onto the details of this information for another couple of weeks. So stay tuned for not only music from the regulars, but also some new blood coming in soon.

Best wishes till next week folks!

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