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Weekly Update 2015-09-09

And we are back in session once again, after a long and well needed summer breather. We're gonna make it short sweet and simple, we got a bunch of new music for you. Click on any of the below pictures to listen to the respective tracks:

The Netwerk

As for plans for the near future from The Infidel Netwerk, we are planning on implementing other features such as Album Reviews, Artist Interviews, and information about local shows and events. This will be coming in the upcomming days and week, and we are excited to expand our content from just music, into written print of multiple kinds.

Jenova Project

Jenova Project has a new album coming out called Dystopia. Half the album had been previously released as singles on his Bandcamp. One of the new songs presented above is actually one of the new singles from the album. All previously released singles have been remastered, if you already bought the track you can re-download it from our Bandcamp for free, it has replaced the old version. The full album, as done in collaboration with Tom Musik (of the bands Poly-matrixx & Death Machine), will be released probably next week if all things going as scheduled.

A music video is also being shot for Dystopia, sometime over this month, with an end of month/early next month view of release date for that. We are also just compiling the footage that we shot in August for the first Jenova Project music video, which will be released for one of my previous albums, and that should (once again if all goes on schedule) be released for next week.


OurTrees has been slowly getting our groove going again, with a new single release happening this week. We are planning on the release of our second EP, entitled The Other Side. It will features 6 tracks, 5 with vocals by both theProphet and Jessikadabra. Many of the tracks were composed by Jessikadabra solo, but with vocals and lyrics often written by theProphet and performed by both. A truly interesting and dynamic collaboration, and one that has been waiting all summer for release.


M-Fap is a bit of a musical oddity, newcomer, and something to be taken in with an appreciation for distinction. A side project of theProphet, which features some truly retro-infused psychedelic hip-hop-tronica. Lyrics verging on satire, and self-reflection, this is something to be watched in the near future... music video coming soon!!!

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