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Weekly Update 2015-06-24

So we have returned to full functioning Netwerk status with this update for YOU! The madness continues on multiple fronts, and many more to come soon, as we bombard you with the latest noise from none-other-then the catchy, 80's inspired non-stop music making machines Matt & Colin. Long at last they have finally released their first EP, the Distant City EP. Featuring 4 tracks, 3 previously released as singles, and 1 brand new never before heard: Lost In The Code. You can find our album on Bandcamp by clicking on the artwork (as done by the lovely Bailee F, of Dirty Lint fame) next to us, or you can follow our YouTube below, and listen to our music video, and you can find a link to our album download there as well.

Next for you we have the latest single by The Infidel Netwerk founder, theProphet, from his solo project, Jenova Project. The track is aptly entitled "The Reaper" and despite it's agressive name, and nature, the song is remerakebly dancey and catchy. Catching you off guard, this is one original piece of music. Composed in between 2007-2009 this track is a collaboration instrumentally between theProphet and Tom Musik (of Polymatrixx fame). However, the album was scrapped due to internal conflicts, and was put on the back burner until it finally got vocals in 2015, and is now going to be released on the Jenova Project & Tom Musik collaboration album, "Dystopia". You can listen to the track on our Bandcamp, just click on the album artwork below.

Lastly, don't forget about Gaggle! We are releasing our first EP next week, the 7 track and almost 40 minute Opus, the "Anal Fisting EP". However, hold your panties, cause they don't quite drop yet. We gotta put a few final tweaks on the mixes, and we'll have it up for you by next Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy our first music video, Ass-Troll-Pro-Injection, as compiled by Donald Fuck.

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