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The Return

It's been a trying times over the last month here at The Infidel Netwerk. After the release of the much lauded re-release of the Shadowalker EP as the expanded and remastered Shadowalker LP, we had the suprise release of the much awaited The New Model Divine EP by OurTrees, the collaboration project between divine vixen & eternal nymphonic music Jessikadabra & none-other-then the madness of theProphet himself.

However, after that things have fell mostly silent here in The Infidel Netwerk realm. However, this is due to a combining set of factors which I will describe below. However this week folks, don't expect much new content, and if you keep reading you'll find out below both why, and what's to come in the future.

Basically, myself (theProphet) and my partner (Bailee F of Dirty Lint) have been running The Infidel Netwerk from, and living in, a cockroach infested mold tainted apartment. And not from our own doings either. Shitty landlords refusing to maintain or deal with nearby tenants exploded water pipes that leaked into our apartment causing serious mold, or also refusing to deal with tenants nearby that live in and don't mind cockroaches, which then go to infest nearby apartments. Absolutely complete disregard for our, or our child's, well being of saftey. So after 9 months of pleading with them to adequedely deal with the situation, and with it not being resolved and having our physical and mental health taking sharp plunge because of so, we decided to say fuck them and uproot the The Infidel Netwerk and move.

However, nothing went smoothly. With everything from the landlords trying to illegally evict us, moving money and companies falling through, as well as continual delays and cancelling of almost all of our house potentials, things were no looking good... however after a month and a half we finally found a place to be, and now we are settled in and back!

And now the goal is to have The Infidel Netwerk come back x10 stronger, with everyone involved having in this time of hiatus discussed the future of The Netwerk and having come to some serious formations of a long term group release plan. So as in such what we want to do is go back to the original format of releasing songs individualy one at a time, maybe one or two per week per artists. However, as an added kicker, we want to compile all of the songs together into a subscription service, where people can pay somewhere between $5-10/month to get access to all 20-40 tracks that The Infidel Netwerk plans to release a month between all of their respective artists. And once a series of tracks have been released from a single artist over month or two period, we plan to compile all the tracks into a proper regular album release for download, which will be available to subscribers for free, or for non-subscribers for regular album price.

However, this long term plan will not be available until all releases have been put under a Bandcamp record label account, and organized as such into a proper subscription service through that. The goal is to do that over the next upcomming month or two, but no for sure release schedule is on board. Until then, we plan to continue to release things in the regularly submitted format, with singles and releases being available for purchase on individual artists Bandcamp sites, and available for digital listening on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

This week as we are just setting up the studio have no planned releases, but check back next week for our first official release since the return of The Infidel Netwerk! It's something that's been long awaited, and long teased, so prepare for some madness!

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